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Online Marketing Trends That Will Be Big In 2016

Marketers always try to find out the best solutions for businesses to attract and keep their customers. True enough, continuous effort is the key to unlocking your potential. Marketing changes every day. You must stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to be aware of the changes that you need to think about and make better strategies and decisions.  Not only that you will a gain competitive edge, but this will also help you in developing expertise in the industry. You will earn the invaluable trust and respect from the people around you.

So take a look at the online marketing trends you need to watch out for this year.

Online Video Ads for Content Marketing

Online video is definitely the next big thing for content marketing. Facebook has already begun providing advertisers video options. Even YouTube, with billions of visitors per video adsmonth, has adapted video advertising to their site. Users have started to see, and sometime even interact, with mobile ads and have become accepting of online video advertisements.

Yes this could mean a lot of money for businesses to invest on. But even small companies can afford this trend. In the recent years, production costs have reduced significantly so it’s would not take you much money in order to create an ad. You can even shoot using a mobile phone and produce ravishing videos. Also, a video’s shareability is powerful. It can crawl up social networking sites as engaged users can easily share them. You may not need much effort to make your ad viral. As long as you have your customers’ trust, they can spread the word and do the work for you.

Videos are considered one of the best options for social media campaigns indeed. Go consider your potential reach – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other channel seeing tons of users each month.  Know your customers, invest on your website and include only relevant material in your video ads.

Mobile Apps

This is one of the most exciting innovations for online marketing, no doubt. With the rise mobile-appof smartphones, smartwatches, and other smart devices, customers are now on mobile. They have turned into their mobile device for browsing and making purchases. One proof is Google’s announcement that its mobile traffic have gotten past its desktop traffic. And with this, sites are now optimized for mobile viewing because with the release of “Mobilegeddon”, sites that aren’t ready for mobile will be phased out. This only means that money is in the hands of mobile-focused online marketing.

But then again, applications will soon replace mobile websites. Not only they can do everything a website can and does, they are more intuitive, accessible and convenient for users. This is why they are spending almost 90% of their mobile usage time on applications. So invest on building one for your business. Take advantage of their user-friendliness and other remarkable capabilities. Consider voice-based searching as this can save users time and frustrations from traditional web browsers. Publishing them in online stores and getting more downloads will get them noticed in mobile searches.

Google has started indexing applications in a similar way they index websites. This will lead to more applications getting produced and brought about. So get ahead in the game. Realize the advantages of having a dedicated app and strategize your marketing campaign with mobile users at sight.

Virtual Reality

Dozens of virtual reality devices has emerged into the market today. From Oculus Rift, to HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR, or even just the Google Cardboard. It seems like the next big thing with technology is virtual reality and we will be seeing more of these products. Whether it be for games or amusement rides or plain video streaming, we are set to see this dominate even the advertising world. They will introduce an entire new medium for advertising. They can be integrated to famous social media platforms, video channels or messaging. Yes there’s this chance it could only be a fad, but who knows, they totally Online Marketing Trendschange the way we do marketing, and it’s best to be ahead.

The online marketing industry is indeed complex and unpredictable. But this is quite exciting for those who are up-to-date with modern trends. With each year, there are new technologies, from hardware to software, and this leads to new user preferences.

As 2016 promises exciting new trends for the marketing realm, especially with technology at bay, take advantage of these trends in order to develop your marketing strategies.  Get ahead in the game and adapt early. This will get you a leg up the competition. Keep in mind, customers is the heart of the game, they want convenience, so generate business on their terms. If you think you will need help in doing all those, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a reputable SEO firm.