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Quality Golf Iron Sets Made Affordable

Iron is a type of golf club used when the ball is 200 yards or less away from the green. Usually, the nearer you are to the green, the higher is the iron you will use.

Golf iron sets typically consist of 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 and 9 irons together with the Pitching Wedge, otherwise known as the Gap Wedge or Approach Wedge. When shopping for these sets, you will notice that they are listed as per their set make-up. For example, 3-PW means this set includes 3 through 9 irons and a pitching wedge.

Iron sets can either have a graphite or steel shaft. If you are not sure what is best for you, contact rockbottomgolf.com. They offer discounted golf iron sets including hot brands like Ben Hogan, Wilson, Adams and Taylor Made among others. They also offer sets for ladies and the left-handed

Golf Iron Sets

There are various types of irons that you can choose from:

  • Numbered Irons – These are irons labeled with the number, which indicates their loft. In this case, the higher number indicates a higher loft. A set of numbered irons commonly range from 3 to 9, but there are also those that range from 0 to 12.
  • Driving Iron – It is also known as the butter knife due to its appearance or the 1 iron. It has the lowest loft and longest iron, around 14-16 degrees loft. It is regarded as the hardest club to hit because of its limited surface area on the face. This type of iron club is already defunct and production is stopped.
  • Long Irons – Irons 2-4 are considered the long irons. They are used for hitting the ball in long distances with low launch angle. This is why they are designed with longer shafts and low lofts. These types of irons are rarely seen in players’ bags due to difficulty of hit. If ever used, it is usually with graphite shafts for additional club head speed. It stores energy from the down swing and releases it at impact.
  • Mid Irons – These are irons 5 to 7. They are used for longer approach shots in fairway and rough. These irons are commonly used for the second shot of a long par-4 or par-5 or when you need to lay up to avoid hazard in range of your woods or long irons. Mid irons typically hit better than long irons due to their higher loft, giving the clubs more surface area. Mid irons are scarcely replaced by iron replacements, making them the “true irons” in a players’ bag.
  •  Golf Iron Sets PriceShort Irons – These are the 8 and 9 irons. Among the numbered irons, they have the shortest shafts and highest mass club heads, making them perfect for shots that need high loft or a distance between 130 to 150 yards with full swing. They are also commonly used in shots that need to be carried over high or nearby obstacles.Short irons are also great bump and run clubs as these allow the ball to land softly and roll like a putt when you take your shot from the fringe with a putting motion.

    Short irons are regarded as the easiest to hit and are often used in shots that require great accuracy. These types of irons are commonly constructed with steel shaft, although lower-lofted irons often have granite. Since they use steel, club head torquing is minimized which means increased consistency and accuracy. The main concern of players with this club is its reduced flex, which also reduces distance.

Rock Bottom Golf offers brand new golf iron sets at affordable prices. They give discounts for as high as 67%. Aside from these great discounts, they also offer FREE same day shipping so you can enjoy your golf club right away.

Graphite and steel hybrid irons are available with brand names such as Cobra, Wilson, and more. You can also find steel irons such as Tour Edge, Callaway and Taylor Made. If you prefer graphite/steel, then Cobra, Tour Edge, Adams and Wilson are also available.

Rock Bottom Golf accepts all major credit cards and PayPal for payment. They offer a huge collection of golf iron sets and they are unbelievably cheaper in comparison to other golf stores.


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Rockbottomgolf offers brand new golf iron sets at affordable prices. We also give discounts for as high as 67%. For more details contact us.